Unable to setup ODK aggregate with SQL server 2017 and tomcat 8.5


(Parth Saha) #1

Hi all,

I'm unable to set up ODK aggregate on my windows 10 system. I'm trying to install ODK aggregate 1.7 in tomcat 8.5 with SQL server 2017 as database.

Can anyone list out complete step by step process to do it... I have completed all the steps in the documentation but still ODKAggregate service donot start in Tomcat. It says FAIL - Application at context path [ODKAggregate] could not be started.

Please help.

Thanking you all in anticipation!


(Dickson) #2

Hi @Parth_Saha,

Can you find the tomcat log file in your machine and share it here?

(Parth Saha) #3

Hi Dickson,

Thanks for replying.

Tomcat stderr file is attached for your reference.


stderr.txt (186.7 KB)

(Dickson) #4

Hi @Parth_Saha,

It seems you have issues with the jdbc connection.

Which version of JDBC did you provide?

(Parth Saha) #5

Hi Dickson,

I'm using Microsoft JDBC driver 6.2.2 for this from the below link.




(Dickson) #6

Hi @Parth_Saha,

Thanks, can you try this version


(Parth Saha) #7


I will try and let you know tomorrow.

As I'm using SQL server 2017, will this work as the documentation says that this driver is supported till SQL server 2016.