Website duplicated & missing content inventory

(Michael Downey) #1

Hello @website-wg and other fans! As we move forward toward the next version of the ODK web site, it would be super valuable to get a few minutes of your time to help with the following task:

Two questions for you all, when browsing through the "Navigation" sidebar at ...

  1. Do you find anything missing from these pages, that can't be found elsewhere? (e.g. Not on the forum, GitHub, or anywhere else?

  2. Is there any content that you find while navigating through the above page, that is now outdated, moved, deprecated, or should be removed for some other reason?

Of particular question for #2 -- maybe for @adammichaelwood? -- would be if any of the items under (see also the sidebar at that page) is duplicated on

Please share your findings by choosing an option:

  • Looks good to me!
  • I found an issue. (Please comment below.)

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(Michael Downey) #2

PS: Someone pinged me on Slack with a question about the existing web site at Great question!

The answer is yes, we'll be taking a look at that content too, to make sure nothing was missed! But for easier comparison, I figured we'd start with the most recent pass, then do a final check against the "live" site, so keep your eyes open over the coming days for that.

(Waylon Brunette) #3

As an FYI on a few things that have been migrated to the forum from on the original website but not removed. We could have a discussion if someone thinks that it should be different.

Blog Entries -> Replaced by posts to Showcase, Announcements, Governance, etc
Help-For-Hire -> Replaced by posts to Marketplace
Deployments List -> Replaced by posts to Showcase