What is a "paper airplane champion"?

(Hélène Martin) #1

This is mostly a question for @avoorman (see his introduction here) though I hope anyone with information in this will share it. Google wasn't all that helpful. :blush:

(Michael Downey) #2

I assumed something like this? :slight_smile: But would love to hear more about this interesting story @avoorman! :flight_departure:

(Arie) #3

Well, there are 3 categories: time of flight, distance, and acrobatics. Time of flight being the most prestigious, of course. The tournament was run by red bull paper wings , making me a red bull athlete I think. Representing Quebec in the national paper airplane competition was one of the weirder experiences in my life!

(Hélène Martin) #4

Good thing you weren't just the acrobatics champion, that would have been very disappointing. :joy:

It's an honor to know a decorated Québec athlete in addition to a Red Bull athlete.

(Workroommedia) #5

Paper airplane contests are common at Georgia Institute of Technology. Here is a blast from the past:

Georgia Tech Paper Airplane Contest 2009