Which is your dream car?


My dream car is Bugatti Chiron. I really loves it looks & perfect interior with best in class features. Have look some of its images

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Ford Raptor, then you just don't need pavement for fun... :smile:


Call me old-fashioned, but it's hard to do better than a 911 Turbo S!


Porche 928. Built like a (very fast) tank. The car will go on forever and still looks good when compared to more modern sports cars. Or for something really fun, a Grinnall Scorpion 3 - when you really want a motorbike but your partner won't let you have one!


I like this it is now discontinue however it is Indian Mustang (contessa)



I love BMW cars. I have a 5th gen series 3, which is kind of a dream car to me :slight_smile:

I wouldn't say no to a Z4

or a series 8 coupé


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That's certainly a very classy car, but I can't say I particularly like your paint job. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: guillermas_car

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I'm a fan of only one BMW. The BMW Clown Shoe (E36/E M Coupe). I know a lot of people think it's ugly, but I've always loved the look (and the S54 engine).

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I loved my Honda Civic 4WD wagon. Literally drove it to the Moon - well over 250K miles. Alas, I had to sell her when I moved to NZ, and 1991 was Civic Wagon's last year. :sob: But if it was still being made today, it would probably still be the first car I'd buy. Good looking and eminently functional!

And mine was candy-apple red too (not harlequin)


Ferrari testarossa, lamborghini aventador


Well, given the choice, I still think my Honda Civic comes out on top...


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Dont keep us in suspense.... 0-60mph in how many secs? :slight_smile:


I'm for vintage. Can I get this? It's Dream car, ryt?