Change the password aggregate uses to connect to Postgres


I have set up ODK aggregate on a digitalocean droplet following the instructions found here: It is working fine.

I would like to change the password that aggregate uses to access the postgres database. In the cloud-config script, it is set to 'aggregate'. I thought perhaps it would be just a matter of changing the aggregate password in postgres and in the file /root/aggregate-config.json and restarting the machine. However, that didn't work and aggregate then fails to connect to postgres until I change the password in postgres back to 'aggregate'. I assume that is because the /root/aggregate-config.json is only used for the initial setup of aggregate and not every time it starts. Is there a way of changing that password without changing it in the clond-config script and starting from scratch?


@ggalmazor Any ideas on the easiest way to do this?