Geo: Filter points by location provider (GPS, wifi, network)


(This item is moved here from the ODK Geo roadmap document.)

Currently, when using Google Maps, locations from any provider are used (GPS, wifi, etc.), but when using OSM as the basemap, only GPS locations are used.

We've been told it would be useful to be able to configure the geo widgets (by the user or in the form) so that only GPS locations are used, because non-GPS locations (wifi, mobile tower, etc.) are much less accurate.

Some discussion is needed here as to whether we want to just filter to GPS only, or also allow filtering to wifi only, and how to provide feedback to the user about the state of the filter and which provider is being used.

We'd like to hear about your use cases in which GPS-only collection is desired, or GPS-only is undesirable, or filtering by any other kind of location provider is desirable. Thanks!


I think we should standardize behavior between the two SDKs and I'm not sure why they aren't. @zestyping can you file an issue so we don't forget?

I think a parameter that requires GPS only would be a nice addition to all the geo widgets. I don't see much value in adding a parameter for Wi-Fi or cell towers.

All that said, all this might be a moot point, because Android seems to be moving to FusedProviders that instead need accuracy and power criteria and the OS sorts it out.

This is one reason why the location audit parameters require a priority (e.g., high-accuracy, low-power) instead of specifying the provider. It seems like we should do something similar here.

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Good idea! Filed as #2997.