Select one based on multiple opions selected previously


(Giri) #1

Hi all,

Please help me out in sorting this.

I have a 4 options in question 1. Which is a Multiple options.
The next question is based on the one which is selected in the multiple options.

For example.(The output should be as below)

  1. Fruits chosen for breakfast?
    Option A- Banana selected
    Option B- Apple
    Option C-Grapes_selected_
    Option D-Orange_selected_
  2. Which is your favorite choice on the selected?
    Ans: Orange


(Moteb Marei) #2

Can you explain more please in the Ans why Orange and not Banana or Grapes

(Moteb Marei) #3

If you want thee second question to appear only when we select the above one you use:
1- you should add calculate question
type: calculate name: calculte_selected_fruits calculation:count-selected ${calculte_selected_fruits})
in the relevant field: of this

you should add : ${calculte_selected_fruits}>0

(Giri) #4

Hey hi,

Thank you..

it is just an example,

When I have many on the table (Apple, Orange, Banana and Grapes)
My choice of pick will be, Banana, Grapes and Orange

and finally I pick Orange out of it.

So its the logic to be worked..

(Yaw Anokwa) #5

I think you should be able to use a choice_filter here. has an example you can follow.

(Giri) #6

Hey Hi,

Thank you..

but again, it is the same of filtering one option using select_one. and based on that we can get one choice.

But we need multiple option and select the highest priority on that.


(Yaw Anokwa) #7

Try Choice filter with multiple selection

(Giri) #8

Thank you so much.. it helped:) :slight_smile: