Set folder location for photos in Google Drive

1. What is the general goal of the feature?

To be able to set a Google Drive folder location for photos taken within the ODK Collect form.

2. What are some example use cases for this feature?

Right now, we have multiple users that we want to be able to take photos using ODK Collect. Currently, the photos end up in their own Google Drive folders, Open Data Kit -> Submissions. These users can be temporary employees, and sometimes they aren't technically savy either. When they leave, the folders may be deleted along with the photos. There is also the possibility they may delete the photos themselves by accident. Even if I use a script to copy the photos to a centrally managed folder in a central Google Drive using the URL from form's Google Sheet, we need either 1) the user to grant access to their folder first, or 2) send an access request for every photo taken. To say that this is a lot of work is an understatement.

3. What can you contribute to making this feature a reality?

I could test out any versions of this feature developed, and provide feedback. I wish I could contribute more, but my programming skills are far too basic to actually modify ODK Collect itself.