XFormTest - An XLSForm testing library just for you


(Joseph E. Flack IV) #1

XFormTest is a tool for creating and running automated tests to ensure the quality and stability of individual XForms and XLSForms.

I looked far and wide, but I was unable to find a tool out there which would allow me to run tests on my ODK forms. This meant a lot of manual testing for our team before we felt confident enough to use our forms in data collection. To save time and create peace of mind, I've created this tool.

Quick start

  1. Prerequisites: i. Java 8, ii. access to an XLSForm (excel) to XForm (xml) converter, such as pyxform or XLSForm online, or XLSForm offline.
  2. Download XFormTest.
  3. Download this example XLSForm and convert it to XML.
  4. Run the pre-made tests in the example form (replace "x.y.z" with the version number in the file name of the Java jar
    file downloaded): java -jar xform-test-x.y.z.jar xlsxExample.xml

Quick start video

Read the docs
Much more information is available at: http://xform-test.pma2020.org

(Joseph E. Flack IV) #2

XFormTest Web App
I'm happy to announce that there's now a web application for using XFormTest, in addition to the cli: https://xform-test.herokuapp.com/

After some DNS updates, this will be accessible at http://xform-test.pma2020.org/, and the docs will be at http://xform-test-docs.pma2020.org/