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Hello my name is Daniel Alvarado, I'm from Colombia. Actually I'm using ODK for a course but I would like to know more about this useful tool in agriculture.

Thank you

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Hi all,

I'm Musaffa from Indonesia. Currently working in the health issues and using ODK to support the activity. I'm a ODK newbie who eager to learn and share the knowledge.


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Hi all,

I am Sergio, from Spain but I am currently based in Bukina Faso.

I am involved in Information Management projects for the Spanish Red Cross, and we use ODK as our main data collection tool.

I'll be happy to learn more from ODK community and share knowledge and experiences.

Thanks in advance,



Hey everyone, I'm a long time lurker and huge fan of this forum. My name is Nick Gordon and I'm the Digital Health Lead with Last Mile Health. | @lastmilehealth

We are a health organization focused on remote populations that has used a custom fork of ODK Collect (Liberia ODK) in Liberia. Last Mile Health's and my ODK origin story started in 2015 during the Ebola crisis. We used ODK for decision support and data collection for Ebola screening in rural Liberian communities. It's now being used as a digital health platform for Liberia's Community Health Assistant Program. These health assistants use ODK for data collection and decision support for essential health services. Last Mile Health has also used it for enumerating research surveys, rural GIS mapping, and project data collection.

Given that we work in very remote areas, we forked ODK Collect for offline data transfer and xForm updates between devices over Bluetooth. We also added a form back-up archive, in case forms were lost during transfer. Currently, we're testing a modification that uses case management and on-device data reporting. I've been told that it's uncommon that we design our forms in CommcareHQ, and tweak the output XML documents before packaging for Bluetooth transfer.

Sorry our fork isn't well documented, but for anyone interested, here's our Git:

Personally, I'm from Utah but have spent most of my adult life traveling and working internationally. I've managed a handful of ICT4D projects and enjoy designing xForms. Outside of data collection, I'm crazy about traveling, coffee, keyboard shortcuts, and an old game called Age of Empires 2.

I've seen the ODK toolkit have an enormous impact across different global development programs. I'm very appreciative of this community, and it's hard to imagine our work or the field of digital health coming so far without it.

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Hi, I´m from Costa Rica, work at a Goverment Institution who coodinate and support the Emergency Attention. We´re trying to develop a data collection program using ODK 2.0 for the emergency decision making.
We fully install and configure ODK v1 something like this, but the project was never implemented and now we have another impulse to make this happen.

Greetings from Costa Rica.


(Tiana) #532

Hi, I am Tiana from Guatemala, currently working as backstop support for USAID-funded projects in different countries. I just started using ODK build and am interested in learning more about the software.

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Hi All;
I am Sakina from Afghanistan. Currently working as Sr. System Development Specialist in NSIA. I just started using ODK 2 before working with the first version to build a household form for NSIA.

I will be glad to have your support to help me build the form with ODK 2.

Thank you

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Hi all,
I am Ferdnand, Ferd, from Kenya and a newbie in ODK.
I love programming and data analysis using other tools like python and stata and I am currently interested in learning some ODK as my roles are changing.
If you need any help on you analysis. Feel free to contact me.

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Hi everyone, I'm Anthea from Singapore :singapore: and I'm currently based in Freetown, Sierra Leone :sierra_leone: where I will be at least until July 2019 as a Princeton in Africa fellow. My post is as a monitoring and evaluation person with WARC, which is a social enterprise in agriculture. We have a large farm in rural Sierra Leone that employs local farmers and grows rice, and we also consult with NGO's/large international organisations on agriculture, farming, and value-chains in West Africa and around the world.

I first heard about ODK in Freetown when some people from the World Food Programme showed me the app and how they are using it to collect data all over Sierra Leone. I took a look and it seemed a lot more nimble, cost effective (i.e. free) and flexible than the tools my predecessors were using. ODK will be extremely useful in conducting my M&E work/impact studies on our own farm as well as on client work, as most of our target respondents live in rural areas where there is either 2G/Edge or no network at all.

I'm new to ODK but I'm looking forward to using it in the field when my surveys begin. I especially like the Google Drive/Sheets connectivity and being able to download forms and submit over 2G.

As I'm the only one in my organisation doing M&E work, I'm pleasantly surprised to find this community where many of you do similar social work and in similar resource-poor areas of the world. I hope to contribute as much as I gain from the community.

Sad fact: I attended the University of Washington ('13) as an undergrad but back then I was oblivious to both data and any kind of social/NGO-type work, so I unfortunately missed the early years of ODK!

Neutral facts: Before coming to Sierra Leone I lived in Washington DC where most of my stuff still lives. I miss having access to bubble tea and my hairdresser but the beaches and 20-cent coconuts of Sierra Leone are a worthy tradeoff. I'm also interested in data visualization and can't wait until all my survey results come in so I can start making cool charts and reports.

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Hi Guys,
I am John Tengatenga (JT), based in Malawi and I just started using ODK a few months ago. I was first introduced to ODK in 2016 because it is the data collecting program used at my workplace but I started programming surveys two months ago. I have only run one project so far and it was great though I am still figuring out how to do other things in ODK.
Outside data collection, I like to read random stuff especially books about data science. My twitter is:

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I am Tebo Kgweenyane aka Teboza. I am based in Gaborone, Botswana. I started exploring ODK from last year as I had to do CAPI for survey. I managed with my first project and now on my 2nd. I just want to know more on other features. I hope this community will assist where possible. THank You

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I am a GIS professional in the Northern California USA area.
Looking into ODK as a component to data collection of various sorts.
I like providing or collaborating on solutions that help people.
I once jumped off a telephone pole with all the safety stuff at a ropes course. Even so, it was extremely scary.

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Hi Tebo, Im based in Gaborone, Botswana as well. We should link up. I have been using ODK for sometime now.

(Tumelo Mapila) #540

Hi John. Glad you are achieving greatness with ODK.

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Hello my name is Antonny Kisaa, I'm from Kenya. I'm using ODK to help in managing data collection in Health Care setting and I would really appreciate your help all. I have numerous question especially where am stuck :stuck_out_tongue:.
Thank you all!

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Oh perfect. i also do use ODK. and want to explore more. My dials +267 74314607

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Hi all I'm Jared. I used to work in the same University of Washington lab out of which ODK sprung and I just realized that I could use it for resource-constrained data collection in my new job. How fun!


Hi all,
I've been waiting to wrap up some projects and to start new ones from the ground up, using ODK. I also happen to be in a new faculty job in Maine, and am building ODK into my field teaching.
I've used ODK before in tree-ring work, but that was generally supported by much savvier people and I ended up relying on what they already knew.
Outside of data collection, I hike, ski, and bike. Really looking forward to winter here!