Introduce yourself here!

(Elagu Maurice) #545

Hi all,

I'm Maurice from Uganda.
A full-stack dev for my organisation Evidence Action. We use ODK Collect for our data collection activities/projects.
You can catch me on Twiiter: @MauriceElagu

(Alexandre A De Oliveira) #546

I am a professor at University of São Paulo, Brazil. My main interest is tropical forest ecology and conservation. As a scientist I have some skills in programming, mostly in R but a little of other languages (PHP, SQL, C++, LISP, HTML) and I now learning XML to be able to build and understand my own forms in ODK. I am basic involved in my own XLS/XML but as soon I have more experience I would like to help the community in any way I can. I am a really fan of colaborative and open source community. My github is and I have several open source projects done, mostly in R.

(Rogers Ssebunya) #547

Hi everyone, Rogers from Uganda, Totally new here, Started working with ODK in the last 3-4 months while designing cross sectional survey data tools.



(Thierno Saïdou DIOP) #548

Hello !
I have been here for a few months, but today I have the opportunity to introduce myself to you!
I am a student in statistics and computer science. I hope to learn a lot of things in this forum, Thank you!

(Yaw Anokwa) #549

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Validación contra la edad del encuestado

Where you are typically based : France

How you got involved with the ODK community (ODK origin stories!) : using odk collect

What kinds of ODK projects you have been involved in : using odk collect for multilanguage formular at work

Your blog/Twitter/GitHub/other way for the community to follow you : none

Some of your favorite things to do outside of data collection : travelling arround the world

(Macharia) #551

Hi, I'm Macharia from Kenya dealing with data management supporting health across different counties. I'm new in programming and am using ODK for the first time in developing tool for data collection in a clinical project.
Am looking forward to getting your assistance from the gurus of this platform.
Thank you very much for the ODK makes it easy with data collection.

(Gaurav Goyal) #552

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(Belajar Odk) #557

Hello, introduce my name Azis Nurrochma from Indonesia, I just found ODK on the internet in September 2018 and was very interested. I work in the electricity sector and really need an application like ODK, my English is still bad and I still need google translate as a helper. thank you and nice to meet you


Hello everyone!

My name is Sumit from India, Mumbai. I'm an Android developer with over 1 years of experience. I have worked on ODK Collect for almost six months before I was working on the website and hybrid application developement.


(Donald Chepkutwo) #559

Most welcome Sumit. We look forward
Sharing our experiences in this platform.


(Yaw Anokwa) #560

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Hi Everyone,

This is a bit long overdue, but I thought it be appropriate to formally introduce myself.
My name is Turtle. Space Turtle.
I've been using ODK for a few years now and gathered most of my skills developing Forms for data collection.
I've worked with two research-based non-profit/non-governmental organizations that have primarily used the suite of tools for data collection.
I'm still very much continuing to learn the tools and will definitely continue to post regularly - and of course assist anyone where I can.

Glad to be part of the team.



(Abdul-Majeed) #562

you are welcome to this wonderful community, we are always ready to support you.

(Dr. Gareth S. Bestor) #563

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(Kate Seong) #564

Hi community!

My name is Kate and i've been working with a variety of organizations in East Timor for the past 5 years to implement mobile data collection systems. I am by no means an expert coder, but I like to pick up things here and there as I go. Currently I am working on 2 major programs in Timor, related to disaster risk reduction and agriculture.

I am typically based in Timor, but will see where the future takes me! Born in raised in the USA, but have been living overseas for awhile now.

Happy to be involved in the forum and thankful for all the support that I have gotten and will get in the future here!

(Clint Tseng) #565

Welcome, Kate! In my experience, there are no expert coders, only people who are willing to try and people who are not. We're glad to have you here, and I'm sure you'll be helping others on here in no time at all.

(Raymond Besiga) #566

Hi Kate!

How's Timor-Leste treating you? Happy to see you here. I'm an ODK oldie and I'll tell you, the community is fun and decent. Welcome! :slight_smile:


(Kate Seong) #567

Hey Ray! Where are you these days?

(Carlos Rivas S) #568

Hola everyone, I'm Carlos from #Nicaragua but I kind of move around Central America. I got into ODK a few years by now because my work relates to maps and field data collection for disaster risk management and food security analysis... also for tourism, in fact the first time I've ever use ODK was for a tourism routes study.

@carlosgis is my Twitter account is dedicated to GIS, Climate Change, Tourism and some other things I like such as basketball, baseball and food!

Fun fact, I spent about two years working for an NGO in data collection tool using Personal Data Assistant (PDA), two years! With ODK this is reduced to days.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Best regards

Carlos Rivas

  • Where you are typically based
  • How you got involved with the ODK community (ODK origin stories!)
  • What kinds of ODK projects you have been involved in
  • Your blog/Twitter/GitHub/other way for the community to follow you
  • Some of your favorite things to do outside of data collection!
  • [insert your own fun fact here]