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(Bhavik) #633

Hello All
My self Bhavikkumar Patel from Bharat(India). I am working as Open Sours Software Developer.

(Johanes Petro Machela) #634

Hi all, My name is Johanes based in Tanzania i have been using ODK for different mapping project in Zambia and Tanzania for last two years currently i am working as mapping supervisor in OpenMap Development Tanzania (Humanitarian Openstreetmap Team in Tanzania)

(Yaw Anokwa) #635

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(Polly Galita) #636

Hello, I am Polly Galita and new to this forum. I have just joined and eager to get using opendatkit.

I am currently living in Egypt setting up a new fintech to support rural farmers across Africa to increase their yields. Pilots will start in Angola and Nigeria early next year.

A little about me. My background is technology loved it all my life grew up in the UK and moved to Canada. Lived-in Australia, Asia, South America, Africa only continent left is Antarctica which really does not appeal to me.

I have been working in Africa for the decade bringing solar electricity and clean water to people living in rural off-grid locations. It has been an amazing journey and now looking to expand with this new challenge to bring information to farmers in rural locations to increase their yields.

I don't have much time off but when I do, I play golf and loud music.



(Robert Boscacci) #638

Hello all! I'm Robert Boscacci, based out of Crown Heights, Brooklyn NY.

I came to the ODK community because I was looking for a cheap and good way to collect data on a mobile device, and I started running into technical problems that I thought you might be able to help with. I want to collect data about laundromats in Brooklyn and their prices and services, to make a free tool for people to look up where they might like to do laundry. I know, very big social impact.

ODK doesn't handle location quite like I wished it would on my device, so maybe I'll try to figure out how to get it to work independently.

I am @cinemarob1 all over the web, and "boscacci" on github

I love cruising around on a bicycle when it's not snowing in NYC and eating ramen.

Right now I'm studying data science at a boot camp in Manhattan.


Hi I'm Spike,
I'm currently doing a post-doc and have used ODK for multiple research projects- I love it! I have mostly used it with enumerators to conduct offline-household surveys in East-Africa, though also currently working on a project to conduct year-long ecosystem service use data directly from respondents.

(Thuta MaungMaung) #640

Hi everyone,
My name is Thuta and I am from Myanmar. When I joined an organization, they want me to start using the ODK which I have zero experience. So, I read XLSForm tutorials and some other documents. Since that time, I've being involve in the development of ODK for different market development projects. I really like to watch the TV shows because it helps me to improve my English skill and understanding on the different cultures of different countries.


(Albert) #641

Hi ODK community
I’m [Albert](http://Albert Arija) from Papua New Guinea-in the Pacific Ocean
I got involved in ODK in 2014 when I was consulting for World Vision NGO partnership program with the government to see how we could update social sector data on real-time basis and scale-up nationally. Because PNG is new in ICT has one of the world’s most terrain places and challenges in delivering data on real-time basis.
Up to now, I use ODK on Smap Consulting to design and deploy surveys for interested clients - I must confess the innovations and ideas with ODK in me just cant stop grow. I am hence, confident that being part of ODK community can help me with troubleshooting issues I face in getting forms in and data out.
Outside of data collections: I like reading about what happens in the world on data analysis and visualization such as Tableau etc
See more on my facebook page as Omie Consultants

(Hartmut Noack) #642

I go by the moniker zettberlin, I do stuff in Germany.
Especially I develop software that makes GIS a bit more accessible for normal people whithout a degree in geo science and mapping :wink:
We do projects in Africa, as of now in Congo and Togo. We will use ODK to collect data in the field, that may then be connected to our GIS. The latter is based upon Geoserver.
My part is to build a LAMP based webapplication, that will connect all the data and show it in a nice and easy way.
I am one of these, who use to say "GNULinux" when we talk about Linux :wink:

best regards, I look forward to share, what I know and get some advice from you people on how to cope with the ODK tools.

(Fazluddin-Haidary) #643

Hello! I’m fazluddin Haidary,. I live in kabul Afghanista. I love to develop new database and learn new softwares,. I’m still relatively new to ODK and I’m so happy to be part of this fantastic community!


Hi, I'm Laura. I'm a PhD student at Rhodes University in South Africa and I've been using ODK since 2015. We use it to support suspended sediment data collection by local residents in the Tsitsa River catchment, about 500 km from our research base in Grahamstown. We wrote a paper about it, contact me for details if you're keen! Our work is supported by the South African Department of Environmental Affairs. We plan to expand this approach into other aspects of biophysical monitoring in the area.

(Farouq Umar) #645

Hi, My name is Farouq from Nigeria. I started using ODK in early 2015 and liked it..a lot. I basically use it for vaccine report collection on routine immunization project in the Northern part of Nigeria.

(Kokou ELolo AMEGAYIBO) #646

Welcome @Hartmut_Noack